What Should I Watch Out For When The Snow Is Melting?

Every season brings its own concerns and hazards to a home. After bearing the harsh winter of temperatures significantly rising and dropping, home owners now must worry about the melting snow. Water damages are major concerns throughout the winter seasons due pipes freezing and bursting. It is also an issue during the spring season due to the spring thaw and all the snow melting. Although you can never completely eliminate the chances of damages from happening, there are many steps that can be taken to help reduce the risk.

Water is able to penetrate into a home through cracks in the foundation or in window sills due to the fluctuating weather. During warm weather, water seeps into the ground and when the temperature drops, the water freezes. When the water freezes, it expands and pushes the foundation causing cracks. Even the smallest, hairline crack can allow a significant amount of water into your home.

What Do I Do In A Water Damage Emergency?

1. What to do first;

Call a professional immediately, they will be able to safely remove all the water and prevent secondary damages such as mold

2. Take Precautions;

  • Turn off all electricity to the room which have water damage or has been flooded .
  • Contain the damage, try and block off the rooms that water has been able to enter
  • If you must enter the room, make sure you use safety equipment. Use gloves, rubber boots, and eye protection.
  • Shut off the main water to the house (depending on where the water is coming in from).
  • Disable any battery powered devices.
  • Look for signs of structural damage.
  • Keep mouth and eyes clear of the water.
  • Watch for hidden debris such as broken glass.

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