ARS uses the most advanced technologies to continually improve our service and our communication with our customers. From the equipment we implement onsite to enhance our capabilities and performance, right through to the estimate preparation and database management software that we use to keep our clients real-time updated and informed throughout the process.

By investing in the very best technical equipment, we ensure the most efficient and cost effective methods of restoration, that both customers and insurance companies have come to expect.

And it is through our unwavering commitment to innovation - which is an ARS standard practice - that enables us to maintain our position and reputation as an industry trailblazer.Following are just a few examples of equipment and methodologies that we feel set us apart:

Thermal imaging cameras are used for all water damage inspections, providing our customers with immediate, accurate, and non-destructive assessment of the impact to their property and/or personal belongings. And not only for water damage, this tool can also be used for a multitude of applications, such as finding electrical faults, through to determining the cause of a failed in-floor heating system.

We use only the latest in drying technology, from efficiently powerful LGR Desiccant dehumidification and low-amperage high velocity air movers, to specialized inner-wall cavity and hardwood floor drying systems.

By utilizing the latest industry technology, we digitally document all damages in our database and create a detailed assessment and cost estimate, using the most current and preferred reporting and estimation software available.