At ARS, we have expertise in providing prompt and professional cleanup of both chemically and biologically contaminated scenes. Our trained technicians understand the protocols of biohazard cleanup, sanitation and restoration. We clean and sanitize the site, neutralize the odours, and remove all contaminated materials.

There is also a possibility that other hazardous materials may be encountered during the clean-up process. Removal of biohazardous waste can be dangerous. A spill could be infected with disease, and therefore, extraordinary precautions must be taken.

ARS technicians are knowledgeable of disease, sanitizers, disinfectants, and various techniques and regulations to help them effectively deal with each situation, as required. Using special equipment, chemicals, and protective suits, we will isolate, clean and disinfect each surface and decontaminate properly.

Upon completion, the collected waste is transported for appropriate disposal to a licensed waste facility.

Odour control issues have many causes ranging from fire, smoke, mould, unwanted animals or rodents, to even irresponsible tenants.

The very first step to eradicating unpleasant odours is with identifying the source. Once identified, ARS will then work quickly to thoroughly remove the source of the odour, and clean and disinfect all affected surfaces and materials within the surrounding area.

We have well trained technicians, specialized equipment, and high grade cleaning products - which enable us to disinfect, deodorize and completely eradicate all severe odours from your home or commercial space.

As well, we do not use harsh chemicals. And additionally all of our products are people safe and pet friendly. Our cleaning products do not simply mask odours with fragrance cover-ups, but truly neutralize microorganisms at their organic source.

Our goal and plan is to eliminate unwanted odours permanently.

Restoring your belongings is just as important as restoring your property.

The ability to dry and restore contents, as opposed to completely replacing them, can save our clients thousands of dollars, not to mention important documents, original art, and even precious heirlooms. Failure or delay in laundering, drying and restoring contents can mean excessive damage and inability for the item to be restored at all.

ARS is an expert in contents restoration, which can include:

  • Documents
  • Furniture
  • Machinery
  • Electronics
  • Artwork
  • Instruments
  • Photos
  • Books

Once a plan of action for the site has been determined, Your ARS team can work on the restoration of your contents either on site, or in our secure, climate-controlled facility. Where specialty services are required, such as artwork, ARS will bring together and manage a team of qualified service providers to clean and restore all contents.

No matter what the size, the material, or the object, ARS will help you with your contents restoration needs.

After a flood, fire or natural disaster, the idea of restoring your residential or commercial space can seem completely overwhelming. Especially when looking over all your potentially damaged contents and personal items, and imagining what to do with them, and where to store them.

That’s where we come in.

While ARS is working on restoring your property to its original condition, we will also provide safe and secure storage solutions for your contents and personal belongings.

ARS operates a 50,000 square feet highly secured storage warehouse. Our climate controlled facility includes secure vaults as well as large lock-up areas to house boxed items, furniture, appliances and electronics. And we can accommodate any timeframe for storage – from a few weeks up to several years. Ensuring the safe-keeping of your possessions (while in our care), is our absolute top priority.

Once your property is fully restored to its original condition, ARS will then prepare all contents for delivery back to your premises.

A typical building power shutdown and e-energize protocol requires a professional team of experts that can deliver.  ARS addresses the roles that are involved in the complete shutdown process.  There is a typical order of operations in preparation for a power shut down.  The shutdown process is also guided by a specific protocol and a typical order of operations.   The specialized teams are brought in to make any repairs and upgrades that are deemed necessary in compliance with code.  Once the work is completed and inspected, the process of reinstatement begins.  This process is equally as important to get all systems back to operational form.  If you want more information, please have a look at our brochure or contact us directly and let us help you.
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When time is of the essence, the ability to report and contact the ARS team of professionals is critical.  Our mobile technology will get the ARS emergency response promise.  You will be able to not only contact our team but you will be able to initiate an incident report for your records as well.
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